2015 Nepal Earthquake


This came from our manager’s village, Lukla… every house is damaged.

Dear Friends,

Members of the Board of Directors of the Maya Sherpa Project have received many queries about how to help with the devastating earthquake disaster in Nepal.

Here is what we know and suggest we can do to help, with your assistance.
The United Nations estimates that as many as eight million of Nepal’s 28 million people have had their lives disrupted by the earthquake. Over 1.4 million people need food assistance, and tens of thousands are thought to have been left homeless. There are many large, international aid organizations doing tremendous work on the front line, in providing the immediate and basic needs such as food, water and shelter at this most emergent time. If you are interested in contributing to this early stage of relief, please consider contributing to The American Himalayan Foundation.

However, we understand many of you would like to make a more direct impact in this recovery effort. We, too, have this in mind as we look at the needs of our Nepali family and friends. Our first-hand communication with those in Kathmandu and in the outlying mountain villages indicates that there will be ongoing needs for an extensive period of time. In particular, assistance with housing, medicine and daily essentials during the upcoming monsoon season is of considerable concern. And then the compelling rebuilding phase of recovery. The Maya Sherpa Project can’t solve the large scale recovery issues in Nepal, but we have the capability, through your support, to assist those Nepali and Sherpa friends we know and currently serve. And then, in turn, these souls can support their neighbors, family and villages more fully.

In this spirit, we have created a donation based fund that will provide direct support to our Nepali and Sherpa friends and their villages. All funds, supplies and equipment will go directly to support of recovery efforts with the assistance of our Maya Sherpa managers that live and work in these villages on our behalf.

This effort is possible, ONLY, through the willingness, energy and generous donations of caring individuals as yourself that understand the value of helping those suffering in this most tragic natural disaster.

We are most grateful for you support!

In the service of the Nepali and Sherpa people, The Maya Sherpa Board of Directors

Dawa Sherpa
Sharon Lowe
Pattie Moon
Nancy Kramer

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