2015 Year in Review

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June 10, 2016

Dear Friends of the Maya Sherpa Project,

2015 was a difficult year in Nepal, with two devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015, which killed 8,000 people, injured more than 21,000 and left many homes destroyed. This event brought new challenged to our small organization. We were moved to help Nepal, and with your generous support, together we were able to reach out to meet some of the needs.

In recapping this past year, The Maya Sherpa Project continued to support our ongoing projects, as well as the much needed help to the earthquake recovery efforts. Thanks to our generous donors, our efforts are making a difference.


  • Girl’s Scholarships– 3 girls in full time English language boarding school
  • Mera Monastery– support secular education teacher, winter gear to monks.
  • Mera Health Clinic– financial support for healthcare workers in partnership with Mountain Spirit Deutschland.
  • 2014 Avalanche Scholarships– partnership with the Juniper Fund for advanced/tertiary education for children of 2014 Avalanche victims.

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Our first project was to donate financial resources for immediate earthquake relief for the purchase of food and tarpaulins. These were distributed to the hardest hit areas outside Kathmandu, April/May 2015, by the Sherpa Welfare Group from Mera, Nepal.

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Nima and Nick bring relief in June 2015.

Our next earthquake relief effort was for Nima and Nick to travel to Kathmandu and the Khumbu in June 2015. Their presence, showing our care and concern, made a real difference to many traumatized families still living outside, in makeshift shelter. They were able to distribute relief supplies in Kathmandu and to villages in lower Lukla. In addition to offering rain jackets, tents, tarps, work gloves, medicines, and some financial support, they worked to help sort and dismantle damaged structures, and assisted with the harvest, helping to assure some food security for these families during this monsoon season.

They found that many places were severely damaged, while others were untouched. It was decided, from their report and the recommendations of our manager in Nepal (Pemba Sherpa), that the best way to help rebuild Nepal, is through the support of the local community-based efforts. Supporting children getting back to school would be one way to honor our mission and help create the new normal.

Pemba handing out gloves (1) Nima harvesting 1 (1) Home in Lukla (1)

Nakchung bridge building.

Our third earthquake project was to support a small village that had been entirely cut off, due to multiple landslides. With Nakchung community support, the MSP built a new bridge and trail. This joint collaboration between the two groups was a huge success. In addition, the MSP is now supporting 10 children from the Nakchung village, with scholarships to attend the English-language Hillary school in Lukla, about 3-4 hours away.

nakchung3 nakchung2 nakchung1nakchung4

Phakding School Support. 

As of the end of 2015, we had also completed a project to help the school in Phakding (about 3 hours from Lukla). The school was completely destroyed from the earthquakes and had to be rebuilt at a different location. With the support of the MSP, new desks and benches were made for all their students.

phakding2 phakding1phakding3phakding4

The Himalayan Sherpa lifestyle is basic at best, so you can only imagine the toll that last year’s earthquakes have taken on their well-being. They struggle to survive, let along pay for school and other “luxuries.” Yet, in spite of all this, they remain a peaceful, kind and joyful group of people.

The MSP Board of Directors: Pattie Moon, Dawa Sherpa, Sharon Lowe, Nancy Kramer, Alex Moon

If you like our work, please consider donating to us!

All contributions go directly to supporting Sherpa communities in Nepal. The Maya Sherpa Project is a non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the IRS 501C(3)Charitable Organization Law.

Maya Sherpa Project

Our commitment to the Sherpas of Nepal is a continuation of our 6 year-old non-profit organization’s charter. To quote our Board President, Dawa Sherpa:

“My vision for the MSP is to help bring basic education and medical care to my fellow Sherpas, in order that they can experience a life of greater well-being, while still maintaining the richness of our culture.”

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